Age disparity between genders in a relationship

Times have changed and so have the nature, course, meaning and behavior of relationship specially that of man and woman.

In today’s time for everything the common or the most diplomatic opinion is : To each his own.

But still all of us do have a personal opinion on things. It’s a different matter whether we openly express it or not due to fear of not offending someone or being judged upon etc.

But today I want to know opinion on this. No offense to anybody. No judgements, no prejudices.
Ur opinion could be based on logic, values, old customs, or anything. Just express them in a presentable and understandable way.

Is is ok for an older women to date or marry a young man. Now we are talking about a reasonably large age gap of few years and not few months.

Please put your opinion in comments.

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Well, I’m not an expert on this particular topic but as far as an individual opinion is concerned, I would say there there is no harm in having such relationship.
As this a particulars choice, if they are happy in themselves then why should others have any problem.