Man arrested for refusing to take delivery from a Muslim person

This is an incident happened in thane on Tuesday morning, when a delivery man visited Mr. ABC’s house to deliver certain goods.


Thane: Mr. ABC (51) was booked under IPC section 295(A) (malicious act outraging religious feelings) on Tuesday night, as per the police official.

When the complainant reached the location for delivering goods, Mr. ABC asked his name and when the delivery boy told his name, the former allegedly refused to accept the delivery from him.

The investigation is underway by the police but such incidents should not happen in our society. But why such incidents are increasing in our society, who is actually responsible for this. Police has done their job by taking action on the complaint but is this really a crime to not accept any good from a person/community who is loosing his/their credibility in recent times.

***Note: We have changed the name to ABC to protect the identity